Kotysa for R2DBC


kotysa-r2dbc is a single dependency you can add to your project, compatible with R2DBC 1.0.0.

repositories {

dependencies {
    implementation 'org.ufoss.kotysa:kotysa-r2dbc:3.2.1'

    // Choose the right R2DBC driver for your database
    runtimeOnly 'io.r2dbc:r2dbc-h2:xyz'
    runtimeOnly 'org.mariadb:r2dbc-mariadb:xyz'
    runtimeOnly 'com.github.jasync-sql:jasync-r2dbc-mysql:xyz' // or 'io.asyncer:r2dbc-mysql:xyz'
    runtimeOnly 'io.r2dbc:r2dbc-mssql:xyz'
    runtimeOnly 'org.postgresql:r2dbc-postgresql:xyz'
    runtimeOnly 'com.oracle.database.r2dbc:oracle-r2dbc:xyz'

Check this sample projectopen in new window for a Ktor Netty application, that provides Coroutines support by default, with a R2DBC backend accessed via kotysa-r2dbc


kotysa-r2dbc provides a coroutines SQL client on top of r2dbc-spi, it can be obtained via an Extension function directly on io.r2dbc.spi.ConnectionFactory.

It provides a SQL client API using suspend functions, and Flow from kotlinx.coroutinesopen in new window.

class Repository(connectionFactory: ConnectionFactory, tables: H2Tables) {

	private val sqlClient = connectionFactory.coSqlClient(tables)

	// enjoy coroutines sqlClient for r2dbc :)

Supported databases


In kotysa-r2dbc, transaction is available directly on the sqlClient.

sqlClient.transactional { transaction ->
    // execute your queries inside this transaction
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