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Dino is an IO library for the JVM. Dino is designed from the start to use Project Loomopen in new window that allows to run as much virtual threads as needed to read and write from/to network, without needing thread pools or event-loop.

Dino uses NIO in blocking mode with virtual threads, that acts as a regular blocking behavior but uses non-blocking under the hood.


Dino is in an early stage of development, do not use it in production yet.

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Dino modules require JDK19 for virtual thread and foreign memory support.


First stable Dino release will probably target Java 21 LTS.


Virtual threads

  • Virtual threads are much lighter than regular JDK threads, allowing millions of them running at the same time.
  • No need for Thread pooling, we just create a fresh new virtual thread when needed.
  • With virtual threads, we do not need complex synchronisation required by multithreaded event-loop + Selector based NIO.

Foreign Memory

  • Foreign Memory was added as an experimental feature in Java 14. With Java 19 it was promoted to preview state and is no longer incubating. It provides low-level, safe and efficient memory access.
  • Foreign Memory provides nice features like spatial safety, temporal safety and thread-confinement.
  • Dino uses exclusively off-heap native MemorySegments.

Source code

👨‍💻 Open source code of Dino is available on githubopen in new window, feel free to watch it, contribute, fork.

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